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Australia should join US, UK on Russian Oil Boycott

Media Release
Adam Bandt 9 Mar 2022

The Greens have called on Scott Morrison to join the US and UK who have overnight announced they will be boycotting Russian oil imports. 

Over the last decade Russia has exported over $4.3 billion worth of crude oil to Australia, with $86 million last financial year, approximately 1% of Australia’s crude oil imports.

The Greens were the first to call for a Russian oil boycott on the 27th of February.

Quotes attributable to Greens leader, Adam Bandt MP:

“Putin’s Russia is a petrostate, with 40% of its revenue coming from oil and gas. Australia should stop buying Russian oil.

“With a humanitarian catastrophe unfolding before our eyes, the last thing Australia should be doing is fuelling Putin’s war machine. 

Quotes attributable to Greens Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Senator Janet Rice: 

“Boycotting Russian oil is a small but practical way that Australia can help, and  ensures that  Australia isn’t doing business with a dictator who invades his neighbours.”

"The Greens are demanding an immediate ban on imports of Putin’s oil."

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