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Bandt: Greens pitch Green New Deal to business leaders

Leader of the Australian Greens Adam Bandt, MP has reached out to the CEOs of Australia’s leading peak business and industry bodies to discuss the role industry can play in a Green New Deal.

“A Green New Deal may be government-led, but it is definitely good for business. It’s critical that we acknowledge tackling the climate crisis and reducing inequality isn’t just a matter for government. We need to make sure Australia’s employers are on board,” Bandt said.

“We have just about a decade to change the direction our world is heading, and that will require all of us working together like never before. The small handful of coal, oil and gas companies whose business model is premised on externalising destruction on a widespread scale do not represent the vast majority of Australian businesses.

“By transforming Australia’s industries around clean and future-proof renewable energy, we can achieve a manufacturing renaissance that will create thousands upon thousands of jobs, particularly in regional areas.

“A Green New Deal doesn’t just mean taking on the twin crises of economic stagnation and the climate emergency, a Green New Deal means jobs and prosperity for all of us.”


Letter from Adam Bandt to the Business Council of Australia | 11 Feb 2020
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