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EV strategy runs flat

Media Release
Adam Bandt 5 Feb 2021

Today’s release of the Future Fuels Strategy Discussion Paper confirms that the government has no plan whatsoever to drive the uptake of electric vehicles or reduce our growing transport pollution.

Greens Leader Adam Bandt and Greens EV Spokesperson, Janet Rice attacked the so-called ‘plan’ as a road to ruin which would hold Australia back as the rest of the world races ahead. 

Leader of the Australian Greens Adam Bandt MP said:

“Australia is set to become a dumping ground for clunkers and motorists will be the losers on choice, price and cost,” Greens Leader Adam Bandt said.

“The Prime Minister’s ‘Technology not Taxes’ slogan is a fraud.

“Scott Morrison’s electric vehicle ‘plan’ has no carrot and no stick. 

“This ‘hands-off’ approach will make it harder for Australia to reduce emissions.

“When it comes to technology, if it’s good for the climate, Scott Morrison opposes it. 

“There has never been a better time to electrify transportation, as new solar power has just become the cheapest form of energy in world history.

“General Motors, one of the largest motor vehicle companies in the world, has decided to stop making petrol and diesel cars by 2035, but Scott Morrison has no plan to grow electric cars at home.”

Australian Greens Transport spokesperson Senator Janet Rice said:

“Rather than turbo charging the uptake of electric vehicles, the government seems determined to make Australia the world’s dumping ground for polluting clunkers that damage our climate and our health. Overseas car manufacturers simply aren’t selling their best or most affordable EVs to Australian consumers. 

“Just today, President Biden challenged the world to up the ante on climate and has been pushing to accelerate the shift to EVs. Even the conservative UK Government will ban the sale of fuel and diesel cars by 2030. 

“Over forty countries have incentives in place, and the conservative British government has spent hundreds of millions on incentives and charging stations. 

“Under Morrison’s inept leadership, Australia is refusing to even follow the rest of the world, let alone be a leader on EVs and climate. 

“Australia needed a real EV strategy in 2019, not a feeble consultation paper on fuels in 2021. Instead, our government keeps wasting its money propping up the oil, coal and gas industries. And it’s Morrison’s mates in the fossil fuel industry that are the big winners from our inaction.

“Transport makes up 18% of Australia’s emissions. To face the existential threat from our climate crisis, we must rapidly shift to renewable energy and make sure all new cars are electric by the end of the decade. 

“Last year, I introduced a Private Senator’s Bill to Parliament that will undo the proposed state taxes in Victoria and South Australia that will make electric vehicles more expensive and push people towards polluting alternatives. The Greens Bill has now been referred to the Senate Economics Committee, and will be an opportunity to hear from experts about a real alternative to Morrison’s inaction, that could put us in the fast lane on EVs." 

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