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Government must come clean on $7 billion transport election war chest, say Greens

Media Release
Janet Rice 3 Sep 2018

Leaked documents showing the Turnbull government hid $7 billion in hidden transport funding in the May budget to allow for election announcements in marginal seats show just how cynical infrastructure planning has become.

“This hidden election war chest is a sneaky trick designed to keep the Coalition in government instead of creating the clean, fast, frequent and safe transport options that our cities and regions need,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens transport spokesperson.

“Infrastructure planning in this country is completely broken. We need objectives-led integrated transport planning across the country, not the current tunnel vision project-by-project approach that doesn’t take in the big picture.”

“Infrastructure spending should be based on need, not how marginal your seat is.”

“Today’s leak proves that instead of a hodgepodge of election announcements, what we really need is transparent and accountable planning that delivers sustainable equitable transport systems across the country.”

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