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More questions than answers on Marinus

Media Release
Nick McKim 19 Oct 2022

Today’s announcement on Marinus Link raises far more questions than answers on what was already a dubious project, the Greens say.

Comments from Tasmanian Greens Energy spokesperson Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP:

 “Tasmanians have a right to know what impact Marinus would have on people’s energy bills, as well as what thesubsequent debt would mean for the state.”

“The Treasurer refused to answer our question in Parliament today about what the debt would mean for Tasmanians, or to table the cost allocation methodology that will be used. We are already in a cost of living crisis - to burden households with even higher power bills would be devastating.”

“There are also serious questions about the environmental impacts of this proposal, particularly on sensitive ecosystems in the North West.”

“Tasmanians were promised the world and delivered an atlas with Basslink - this can’t happen again with Marinus.”

Comments from Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim:

“Basslink proved to be a boon for coal-fired generators in the Latrobe Valley, and the very real danger is that Marinus will be the same.

“Marinus cannot be allowed to prolong the life of the dinosaur coal fired power stations in Victoria by providing another outlet to get their dirty electricity into Tasmanian homes and businesses.

“The federal government has serious questions to answer about the costs and benefits of this project including ecological harm and its impact on domestic and small business power bills.

“They need to explain why it would be more efficient than funding local renewable energy generation and storage, like rooftop solar and batteries, close to demand centres across the southern states.”

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