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Mt Wellington Cable Car Proposal Economically Questionable and Socially Divisive

I recently met with Sky Rail owner and consultant Dr Ken Chapman in Cairns and he described the business case for a cable car on Mount Wellington as very complicated and far from certain to be economically viable.

Any serious push for a Mount Wellington cable car has in the past resulted in community division. In 1984 there was a serious push for a cable car and again in 1993 and on both occasions there was no economic backing, the project was not viable and the cable car was put aside. 

I also have concerns the Tasmanian Government may try to fund it as a Project of State Significance. 

The Wellington Park Management Trust was then set up to protect the natural and cultural values of the Mountain and they have, until now, prohibited development, specifically cable cars, on the summit. 

We need to continue the discussion about development of the mountain and how we can enhance eco-tourism and economic performance without threatening its environmental and cultural values.


I encourage everyone to write a submission to the Wellington Park Management Trust and we will be doing the same.

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