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Murray-Darling report gives Morrison ultimatum: crops or coal?

Greens Leader, Adam Bandt, says a new report on the impact of global warming on the Murray-Darling makes the fork in the road crystal clear.

“If Scott Morrison doesn’t accept we’re in a climate emergency and start phasing out coal and gas, nothing will save the Murray-Darling,” Bandt said.

“The Prime Minister must choose between crops or coal, because we can’t have both.

“Scott Morrison is failing to protect Australia’s farmers.

“Scott Morrison’s coal-hugging and climate-denial is threatening Australia’s ability to feed itself.

“Under current projections, Australia will warm by more than 4 degrees, which means the effective end of agriculture in the Murray-darling basin. 

“Scientists are now warning of a plausible 50% cut to streamflows during our lifetimes. This is an emergency.

“If the Coalition and Labor want to back more coal and gas, they have to face up to the scientific reality that they are doing so at the expense of Australia’s agriculture future.

“The Coalition’s climate denialism is fast-tracking the threats to farmers and the river system, jeopardising our environment and our ability to feed ourselves,” Bandt said.

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