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Senate backs electric cars for SA

Media Release
Robert Simms 1 Mar 2016

The Senate has backed a motion from Australian Greens Senator Robert Simms calling on the government to refocus South Australia's car manufacturing industry on electric cars.

"It's great to see the senate backing this motion for more job creation in SA. Electric car production is a multi-billion industry and one of the fastest growing in the world. Investing in this industry provides an opportunity for us to harness the skills and experience of our manufacturing industry and create new jobs," Senator Simms said.

"The slow decline of the car industry in South Australia and the masses of jobs that have been lost have had a devastating effect on the state. We need to shift our focus to 21st century technologies, utilising existing manufacturing skills by building a world leading electric car industry that will get our state economy back on track.

"This motion calls on the government to use industry assistance such as the Automotive Transformation Scheme to encourage investment in the manufacture of electric and other non-fossil fuel powered vehicles."

The motion is below:

1 March 2016


The Senate:

a) Acknowledges:
i. That the South Australian automotive manufacturing industry has been an important part of the South Australian economy for over 50 years;
ii. This difficult time for South Australian employees in the car manufacturing industry due to the scheduled closure of the Holden Elizabeth Plant;
iii. That globally, electric car manufacturing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

b) Calls on the Government to:
i. Develop a strategy to support South Australian workers as they transition into new jobs due to the closure of the Holden Elizabeth Plant;
ii. Refocus automotive industry assistance to encourage new manufacturing investment, including in the manufacture of electric and other non-fossil fuel powered vehicles.

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