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Steele-John: Stop using our Port for inhumane live export trade

Media Release
Jordon Steele-John 10 Sep 2018

Monday, 10 September

An Australian Greens bill that would end live sheep exports has passed the Australian Senate, immediately banning the live export of sheep from Fremantle Harbour during the Northern Summer and transitioning to a complete ban within five years. The bill was co-sponsored by Independent Senators Derryn Hinch and Tim Storer.


Australian Greens Senator for WA Jordon Steele-John said it was an historic moment for WA, and echoed Senator Mehreen Faruqi’s call to Prime Minister Morrison to allow a conscience vote in the House of Representatives.


“I know the people of Western Australia don’t want to see our Port city of Fremantle as the base for this cruel trade any longer and I call on the Prime Minister to allow a conscience vote so that our Parliament can finally vote to end it.


“I have personally had thousands of emails from constituents who, like me, were sickened by the footage we saw of sheep being cooked alive on these live export ships and don’t want to these animals being loaded onto ships from our port.


“WA farmers have a right to be worried about their livelihoods however we know that global live export trade is in decline. We should be focusing on developing the local processing industry not offering false hope to our farmers that this cruel trade of misery will continue indefinitely.


“If we put in place alternatives now and end any reliance on the live export trade, then it’s a win-win for WA farmers, the WA economy and for animal welfare.


“The Greens have been opposed to live exports since day one, so it is incredibly heartening to see this bill has passed the Senate and is so close to becoming law. We remain committed to ending live exports entirely and this bill would eliminate the worst aspects of the trade.


“I want to pay tribute to Lee Rhiannon whose hard work and passion for animals has driven this campaign for the Greens, and Senator Faruqi who has since taken up the fight.”

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