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Technological Innovation Key to Engaging Asian Tourism Market

Media Release
Peter Whish-Wilson 27 Mar 2013


 The Australian Greens stated a more clever approach was needed to grow Tasmanian tourism demand on Asian markets, with particular emphasis on ‘experiential’ tourism services developed in foreign languages.

 Responding to the Tasmanian Government’s release of its Asian Century White Paper Greens Tourism Spokesperson Senator Peter Whish-Wilson said demand could be driven via technological development and innovation.

"Tourists today mostly have hand held devices, and Tasmania should be investing in developing phone apps that provide virtual tour guide services in many languages.

 "Many of these can simply be audio guides, you only need a hand device and ear phones.

"What is exciting for Tasmanians is the opportunity to develop this creative and interactive content here, through a digital media hub, proposed by the Greens.

"CSIRO has identified "experiential services" as one of the big mega business trends of this century, Tasmania right now has the chance to be at the cutting edge of tourism services.

"Providing signage at key destinations in foreign languages is a start, but it is very last century.



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