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Turnbull must refuse help in Trump’s Iran sabre rattling: Di Natale

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 27 Jul 2018

Leader of the Australian Greens Richard Di Natale has today condemned reports Australia may be providing assistance to the United States in preparation for an attack on Iran.

“Under no circumstances can Australia be dragged into more bloodshed in the Middle East just to please the United States,” Dr Richard Di Natale said.

“If Trump attacks Iran, we risk seeing a repeat of the Iraq War catastrophe that saw the senseless killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, destabilised an entire region and has only resulted in further conflict.

“Malcolm Turnbull must categorically rule out Australia providing any assistance for President Trump to carry out an attack on Iran.

“This is further proof that it is time to rethink our alliance with the United States, and that means withdrawing from the Five Eyes agreement that keeps us tethered to Washington come what may. 

“It is not in Australia’s national interest to be tied at the hip with a nation whose leader openly mocks our Prime Minister, our allies, and threatens war over Twitter.” 

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