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Where the Bloody Hell is Tourism Minister on Qantas Dispute?

Media Release
Peter Whish-Wilson 28 Nov 2012


The Australian Greens have called for Geoff Dixon to temporarily step down from his role with Tourism Australia until the dispute between it and Qantas can be resolved.


Senator Peter Whish-Wilson stated having a public spat between our national airline and our national tourism body could harm our international reputation.

 “It makes no sense for Qantas to remove itself from involvement with Tourism Australia, surely it would be easier to work through any outstanding issues,” Senator Whish-Wilson said.

 “This personal spat cannot be allowed to threaten the national interest.

 “To paraphrase a famous Tourism Australia campaign - where the bloody hell is the Minister, Martin Ferguson, on this issue– our tourism industry is under enough pressure with the high Australian dollar as it is.


“For Mr Ferguson to state it’s not a matter for government is a complete abrogation of his duty as the Minister, he needs to organise a meeting between Mr Joyce and Mr Dixon as soon as possible.










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