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Growth Strategies for Tasmanian Wine Industry Must be Based on Commercial Realities


The Australian Greens have welcomed the Tasmanian government’s recognition of the wine industry’s significance to the Tasmanian economy, but cautioned against commercially unsustainable growth strategies.

Senator, and wine maker, Peter Whish-Wilson stated Tasmanian wine producers were doing a good job putting their heart and soul into promoting Tasmania, and should be supported.

 "I am glad the hard work, commitment and contribution of this industry is finally being rewarded.”

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Labor’s Plan to Quadruple Wine Production Not Supported by the Tasmanian Wine Industry?


Feedback provided to the Australian Greens by many stakeholders in the Tasmanian wine industry, including the industry’s peak body, Wine Industry Tasmania (WIT), is they are concerned about Labor’s plans to incentivise the aggressive quadrupling of grape plantings in the state.

Whilst supporting the principle of schemes to drive new investment and jobs in the Tasmanian wine sector, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson stated any package of incentives to grow the Tasmanian wine industry must be grounded upon commercial realities.

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Brown blasts Crean contradiction

Bob Brown 29 Feb 2012

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown says the federal minister for regional development Simon Crean's advocacy of Gunns' polluting pulp mill directly contradicts his own call that "Tasmania the clean state - clean energy, clean water, clean food - has enormous potential".

"Mr Crean has a bee in his bonnet called a pulp mill. But he hasn't been to talk with local vintners who say this pulp mill, planned to be one of the biggest in the world, will be plonked into a beautiful valley with 100,000 residents.

"That's not clean green, it's mean of Mr Crean," Senator Brown said.

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